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About Us

Pu Pu 'O Hawaii Outrigger Canoe Club was founded in 1979. There were 6 people who started the club and they were Noah Kalama, Keala Stibbard, Nappy Naipo, Naomi Kalama, Kaua Wong and Jim Hickox.

Keala Stibbard has led the club through the years and continues to be an outstanding leader and active director of the club.

The mission and primary purpose of Pu Pu 'O is to preserve and promote a unique quality of live referred to by the Hawaiian/Polynesian Community as "The Spirit of Aloha" and Hawaiiana. This is a willingness to accept others regardless of physical appearance, beliefs, sex, race religion and to share our Aloha (love, affection, lineage and traditional life-style) with them. We look for and provide opportunities to enhance the culture, history, art, music, dance and traditional life-style of the Hawaiian and other Polynesian people. Pu Pu 'O Hawaii fosters and encourages Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing with other Hawaiian outrigger canoe clubs and association.

Pu Pu 'O Hawaii Outrigger Club practices out of both Vasona Lake in Los Gatos and the Santa Cruz Harbor. We have six (6) 6-person outrigger canoes.

Each of the canoes has names that are of special significance. The following is a list of the canoes, their names and meaning of the Hawaiian names and the kind of build. They are list in the order they became part of our ohana (family):

Bella - maila model (built by Noah Kalama in 1959 and named for his wife, Bella)
Noah - maila model (built by the club in 1978 and named for Noah Kalama)
Kalania Kai - Bradley model - means Smooth Seas
Kai Wahine - Bradley Model - means Lady of the Sea
Ka'ahele Moana - Force 5 model means Ocean Traveler
Linaka Kahiau - Bradley model - means From the Heart
Mana Pewili -- Spirit of Beverly - a keiki mom at SFOCC who passed away of breast cancer.

The malia's have a distinctive style. They are heavier, different turning radius, and one sits higher in the canoe than with the other styles/makes. We use these canoes on a more limited bases and primarily for Sprint racing.

The Bradley's and Force 5 are used out of the Santa Cruz Harbor. We use them for both our Sprint season and for long Distance racing.